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National Parks of the Northwest US

United States , Escorted or Guided Tour

Imagine a two-week breath of fresh air and you’ve summed up this 15-day tour of some of the greatest American national parks. With big city f...

Oaxaca Day of the Dead & Puerto Escondido

Mexico , Escorted or Guided Tour

In Mexico, death isn’t the end of the road – it’s the beginning of a huge party. Rooted in Aztec tradition, Oaxaca’s colourful Dead of the Dead fes...

Iconic Mardi Gras New Orleans

United States , Escorted or Guided Tour

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is, hands down, one of the most colourfully mind-blowing festivals in the entire world. This limited edition itinerary in...

Explore The Worlds Most Amazing Destinations

, Before your trip

One of my favorite tour suppliers is Canadian based company.  Below is a listing of their best selling tours.  Prices are listed in Canad...

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